Week 3-7/2/16


INDIA. Mumbai. A view of Marine Drive from atop the flyover, 2010.
INDIA. Mumbai. A view of Marine Drive from atop the flyover, 2010.

Monsoons in Mumbai are beautiful but nowhere in the city can it be experienced like one will at Marine Drive. It is mandatory that every Mumbaikar, irrespective of age or time of the day has to go there at least once every year to soak in Mumbai in all its Glory. As the thick grey orchestral clouds rolled in, they blanketed the city with a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere, soon pouring down the soothing symphony of rain.

Walking down the Marine Drive Bridge, the view was breath taking. The tangy kacchi keriwith the spicy masala sprinkled over it was a treat for the taste buds, the perfect thing to snack on while watching the city transform. Walking further down the stretch the waves were getting more violent, feeding the city back its trash. Taking foolishness to another level I obviously wore white jeans that in an instant were dyed to a muddy brown, thanks to the hurried cars.

INDIA. Mumbai. Students trying their hands at a portrait session at JJ School of Arts, 2010.

It was Monday and I found myself stuck in the same monotony of classes. At 8:30 it was digital skills and after a tiny break was drawing skills where we well, drew. The class was no different, one of us had to pose while the others drew us, observing each detail, how discomforting. Fortunately that was an emotion I did not have to go through because Pooja was the unlucky chosen one. Somewhere between being lethargic and trying to get her nose right I completely lost track of time and realized only half an hour was left. Being my nosey self I stood up and tried to peek at where everyone else was right when two terrible, terrible things happened. For one I realized I was so far behind and that everyone was almost done and second that left me posing as a statue; Jet black ink all over me and my prized perfectly drawn nose and hair. That’s when I realized posing was definitely more comforting than this.

INDIA. Mumbai. Children having a goat-drawn cart ride at Juhu Beach, 1971.
INDIA. Mumbai. Children having a goat-drawn cart ride at Juhu Beach, 1971.

The way back home after picking my brother up from school was boring and sweaty as always. But this Monday with a change of routine was refreshing. I picked up my brother and his friends who on the way pleaded me to make a quick stop at the Juhu beach. The beach had a completely different vibe, vendors selling bright pink cotton candy, balloons in all shapes and sizes and colorful toys. The boys enjoying their treats couldn’t contain her excitement when they noticed the goat driven carts. I jumped to the opportunity of getting rid of them and got them a 10 minute ride fixed. Walking up to the water, feeling the wet sand between my toes and salty breeze in my hair helped block out the frenzy right when I felt something wet munching on my fingers.


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