It was one of those cloudy days when you would dream of lying in bed with a book and some hot chocolate. And then suddenly went the door bell, its was my adventurous friend, Shaila, wanting to venture out and enjoy this beautiful weather. So i gave in, and we walked along the promenade at Marine drive chatting away. Before we knew it our eyes caught the attention of a little bird suspended from the tree. Our first reaction was that of shock but as we went closer we saw the pain in her eyes. She moved and groaned as if asking for help.

We took her in our hands and realised that she was entangled in a transparent string that would not allow her to fly. She patiently waited as we slowly unraveled the string from her wings.

Once the thread was out we kissed her and we set her into the sky. She boldly lifted her wings and took flight taking circles in the sky while a trail of light followed her. It was something id never seen before. She had illuminated the entire sky droplets of water fell like crystals upon us. It was one of the most magical sights i had ever come across.



It was our first portrait drawing session in college.  Each trying to figure how to hold the charcoal without messing their clothes and their faces. A young model strolled in and sat comfortably on the podium opposite us. Each of us had a different view of her form. As we began to draw the teacher narrated instructions, and helped us to look at every little detail that her face was made up of. He began with instructing us to form a character sketch of her in our minds and then helped us to create that character that was true to the model by observing every detail of the face. It was not that difficult after all. He had taken away all our fear of not being able to make a perfect portrait. The models face slowly began to appear on all our canvas’s. When the class was over we put all our portraits together. It was interesting to see how different the expressions appeared in each students work. Was it the character or was it what the students saw in the character?



My cousins were visiting from Delhi, they were excited to go to the beach. So we planned a day long picnic. My mother packed some sandwiches and home made sweets and water and we set off in my grandfathers car bright and early. My cousins jumped with delight, at the sight of the sea. We splashed in the water and made elaborate sand castles. Our stomachs began to growl and grandpa insisted we have something to eat. We spread our picnic mat and opened the basket of goodies. Lunch done, we were highly energised. We began to play catch and cook. From the distance we heard the sound bells approaching towards us. It was a carriage led my goats, an enterprise by young village boys. The goats all dressed in tinsel. We were their first customers for the day. They were happy to take us  for a ride on the beach as the breeze blew on our faces we sang and laughed and enjoyed the sun set. It was time to go home packed with rich memories of a beautiful day.


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  1. This is sweet but I was hoping you’d write a more personal anecdote– the first one has something happen… Could you add an adventure to the last one? Make a funny story from the middle narrative?


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