Back to the 70`s – WEEK 1

Back to the 70’s

House number 159, I see on my left as I walk down the narrow lanes of this unknown city. Whenever I come to visit grandma the bungalow has grown taller or it’s just to my sight that I believe. So here I stood observing the huge gate and how it made me feel like I’m stranded in the 70’s. As I knock  on the metal door I realise that they’ve finally installed a bell and so I end up ringing the bell rather than making any other efforts. Comes out my nani opening the door for me. She greets me with a warm hug making me feel I’m at home. So as I step inside the house I’m aware that I’m bound to the rules of the house. No short skirts, no television and here comes a long list.

As the clock kept ticking and as each second past I was lying on a chattai with this decade old ceiling fan causing squeaky sounds. As I lied down there thinking about how to pass my time it was time for lunch. The same typical lunch at granny’s served in copper plates and hand made nimbu ka achhar was mandatory with the meal. As I walked up at the terrace I could see red sundried chilies kept on one side of the terrace.

At grand ma’s house everyone follows a set of rules and a regular life pattern. However bugged I’m when I come here I still feel like I’m at home.


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