The city of Moriana is a flat and a narrow city,shaped as a circle which is covered with shallow rivers and small mountain passes.As we walk through the first half of the city,we see the beautiful translucent gates,the coral columns,the rooftops of the classical buildings encrusted with greenish-brownish rocks and the magnificent villas which have been built with glass like aquariums and dancing beauties showing their talent under the chandeliers.This is what the city of Moriana looks like in the first journey.As soon as we finish the semi circle of the city and start with the other half of the city,we see things that we don”t want to see.When we walk past by we see the shabby and real part of the city which had piles of dirty waste materials,faded and unfinished walls and ropes that could have only been used to hang oneself from the beam which itself was very weak that it could break anytime and was very unpleasant to our eyes and we remember the memories of the beautiful side of the city and wish we could go back to that time.


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