Cities and Signs 1

Memory in simple words is just storing the events happening in you life through either vision, smell, sound, touch or taste and recollecting it when you need to. In this chapter of ‘cities and signs’ in the first paragraph it’s said that you rarely understand what some things truly mean and in a silent way what they are actually trying to tell you. So in this memory is just remembering the things the way they are perceived and not interpreting it what they truly try to denote. Like trees and stones are mere objects and are stored in your memory in that way but they can be a sign for some other thing linked to it also. Like given in the paragraph, hibiscus in your memory is just a flower but it’s appearance also has a meaning which means that winter is over.In the second paragraph, the author talks about the city of Tamara seen for the first time. The city walls are filled with signboards and giving information about the particular place, the dos and don’ts, images and carvings about certain things, sculptures, different buildings according to their use, etc. The city is just seen and not discovered. Like a mask, it’s true identity or what the city really is, is not visible. So you have basically stored in your memory what you have seen and what the city has showed you, while you believe that you have actually discovered it.So I understood through this chapter that memory is just primary knowledge for the present. To actually know what things mean you need to understand what they stand for and the reason behind it to be at a particular place at a particular time.


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