City of the Dead

The citizens of Eusapia love life so much that they decided to create a city for the dead, which is a reflection of the city itself. This shows that the city clings onto the past so much that it can’t let go of its memory and in an attempt of holding onto that it recreates its memories.  The confraternity in the city that oversees the changes in the two cities, which, in my opinion are people visiting the past (memories). Eusapia shows that even though it clings to the past it also learns from it, as over time people’s views or opinions of things change i.e. in the book when the dead in the city of the dead made changes to their city before the original Eusapia. However in the end, the Eusapian’s unhealthy obsession of dwelling in the past kept them trapped in a paradigm where they eventually couldn’t distinguish the past from the present.


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