Memory can be both good and bad depending on the individual . It is something one remembers as a good or a bad experience. No matter how old it may be, it stays in our unconscious mind. For instance, my most vivid memory of the city of Dorothea is- its four aluminum towers rising from its walls flanking seven gates with spring operated drawbridges  that span the moat from which the water goes through four green canals which cross the city dividing it into nine quarters , each with three hundred houses and seven hundred chimneys. The girls of each quarter , who are old enough to get married, marry men of other quarters. Their parents exchange goods in the name of marriage and each family holds in monopoly bergamot, sturgeon roe, astrolabes and amethysts .  From these facts, one can imagine the past, present and the future of the city. These are few memories of the city. This was my memory of the city from my experience. The camel drivers experience of the city can be different. According to him, when he came to the city in his youth, one morning, he saw many people hurrying along the streets towards the market where the women had fine teeth and looked straight into the eye. Three soldiers were standing on the platform playing the trumpet. All the colorful banners fluttered because of the wind. Before that he was only aware of the desert and the caravan routes. He knew that this was one of the many ways that opened up in front of him that morning in the city of Dorothea.



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