In his mind- Isidorian 25/1/16


The sound of violins which echoes through the town makes up for the darkness he dwells in.

The eternal lavender sunlight bears down from the skies smeared in purples and magenta, the bright colours radiate energy that is reflected in the people as they go by their day. They are unmindful of this fact but he can see.

As he walks down the spiral staircases his hand on the cold stone railing, his head begins to spin and his stomach lurched. His hands brush against the encrusted sea shells.

The sea breeze lifts the hair off his forehead and he can taste the salty air as he walks along the sea shore. The water rushed onto the sand and back like a thousand hushed voices in a chorus. Picking up seashells and fishing makes up for a relaxing weekend that, unexpectedly, makes this bustling city peaceful. It makes it harder to leave this place and only he sees.


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