Invisible Cities

2. I sat there watching through the glass, my luck never worked. He sat there with two ladies and i could never impress one. And there it was, a third one walked by and he followed. All i was known as was a luthier. I worked at Mr.Fred’s, one of the best instrument store’s in the city. Here i was in the most beautiful city, isidora.
I didnt live in a fancy house with spiral staircases like the elite did. I neither had the money to bet on cockfights nor could i afford a telescope like the elites. I was one of the young boys who was judged by the old men who sat there without any work or worries.
1. Sometimes, I get a really bad headache going up and down those spiral staircases in order to reach home. So one day while I was off to work I saw this guy come to Isidora , quite shocked as if this were his dream that had become true. However I did not pay much attention and just moved on. It is lovely to see how the telescopes are made with accuracy, so I stood nearby to see how they were being made.On going further I encountered a quarrel between two people and the bettors had a bloody battle, such sights are not soothing to the eyes so I just moved on and got to work. I had to make some repairs to the violins that had come in last night and had to deliver some new ones today. While doing my work I saw this man who was hesitated with 2 women, so that interested me and I went out to look for the matter. In no time from somewhere a third woman came into the drama and became a part of it, this put me into laughter. After working the entire day, I was returning home, I saw the same man whom i had seen in the morning, he sat with the old people and watched the youth pass by, he was old himself. It seemed as if he was recollecting some memories. After that I rushed up the spiral staircase back home to get some rest.

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