Invisible Cities


Her lonely soul wandered through the narrow streets of Isidora. She stood in a familiar spot, the lamppost opposite her house, but this time she saw differently. As she walked past the street that had seen numerous bodies breathe their last, she remembered the truck, and it’s speed, and in that moment, she knew, it was time. All of them, dressed in black, prayed, ‘May her soul rest in peace’. How could she? All she was the city, like it was a show, people running around aimlessly, waiting. As soon as she climbed the broken staircase of her childhood, all she saw was an abandoned house and spiders and their cobwebs. She tried to cry when she discovered that crying wasn’t a privilege of the dead. She ran without a destination, ignoring everything around her, till her ears found the tune of the violin. She followed the tune t, the man she had fallen in love with, and the man she had exchanged vows with. Beside the man, with hope, faith, and all the love in the world was her little son looking through the telescope trying to find his mother in the stars.


The cold winds and the clean air hit through my face as I ran down,trying to make it as fast as possible down the never ending twirling steps.Taking big big steps through the narrow street,fixing my tie till the end of the street and passing by someone approaching some ladies.Huffing and Puffing and moving rapidly, ,tried spectating the violin and telescope factories.As I went ahead swinging my briefcase,there lay an obstacle in my way,a cockfight that took place amongst the bettors.This was the city of his dreams, waking up to find out that it was a dream.He then wokeup and sat upright,on the bench in the square with his old friends seated next to him and watched the young go past them.


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