ISIDORA – imagination or real – WEEK 2

As i shut my eyes to the real world, I open my eyes in the city of Isidora,  a land of blank imaginations and wild drama.

I open my eyes to the medicines kept besides me on the side wooden stool, with the support of my stick I walk towards the dirty mirror hung on the wall where i stand looking at my freckles and wrinkles realising how decades have passed by, i touch my face with my hands feeling the depression under my eyes before i caught attention of my grand kids making noise around the corner laughing and giggling playing with their new gadgets. Noticing how generations have passed by in front of my eyes comparing them to the wild moments of my childhood when the only thing i had to play with were sticks and stones and pebbles and bones.

The dusty streets of Isidora never stops to surprise me, taking a stroll along these narrow lanes I see these old men sitting around the corner engaging themselves into cockfights, howling and shouting over winning. As evening sets by, the men here form groups and collect around the corner smoking pot, judging every person who passes their sight. The Isidorian women follow a common attire wearing long dresses buttoned up to bottom, also they wear black boots which gives them more flexibility around their work space. they women here keep themselves busy in making violin strings, building violin moulds which later is played by the old men in the city on nights when other men wear bangles and long skirts and dance in formations.

Walking across the town I see the watch tower which reminds me of my childhood when I used to run down the spiral staircase with my giant footsteps to reach the terrace where I used to lie down and gaze upon the stars making wild dreams about my past. My future was long gone now and I didn’t want to remind myself of anything that happened in my future. Past was ahead of me and I already had it all unplanned.

As the sun rises its time for me to go to bed and welcome myself back in the real world. The real world worked parallel with my dream land of Isidora.


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