As an Isidoran, I would imagine the area being all – majestic by morning where all the aged get out of their houses and just sit in a huge open ground doing what they always do like playing board games and what not.


There could also be a possibility of the buildings to float around in the wide-open sky, covered in colorful umbrellas and where the animals are all wearing formals and talking business.


The by night the entire area goes all – cold and everything sounds all eerie and depressing. All the neighbors (the aged) grow all weary and seem so disinterested in life.


The suddenly out of the blue, a huge old man wearing a big heavy black robe holding a beautiful staff (more like a wizard) who just randomly comes down from the sky and throws some kind of spell the awakens the aged people and brings them back to their younger self turning them jolly and glad all over again.


Following that moment, all the musical instruments that were old and broken and scattered on the ground to rot came back to life, flew to the clouds and played music till the end of time to grant happiness all over.


The imagination gives it a much more surreal effect than a plain old memory or a dream.


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