Lower Parel

Week 3: 8/2/16

Assignment 1

Lower Parel as Marco Polo

The land which I now speak of, the land of Lower Parel is one of is kind. An explorer loses its path at the crack of dawn as the inhabitants run to their work places. Even I, at noon finally met a young lad by the narrow road near a huge glass monument. He seemed in a hurry and ran inside, so I followed him but alas! They only let the inhabitants inside. I felt sad and lonely.

After hours of waiting, I saw the young lad again, this time with a few maidens, he was now entering a bar. I followed him inside and this time fortunately they did allow me inside. But he was engrossed with his maidens, that I couldn’t talk to him. I felt sad and lonely again.

I tell you Kublai Khan, Lower Parel is the place to go if you are alone and sad.



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