Lower Parel as Marco Polo

This is a sector of contrasts. Flyovers sheltering the roads, skyscrapers, 5 star hotels, cinema houses, company buildings, supermarkets and shopping malls, towering over either sides of the roads on one hand and homes, hawkers, small businesses, taxi stands slums on the other. The sector of Lower Parel has an extreme variation of people and lifestyles. It’s like a hub of social distinguishing the barriers of which can only be joined during lunch hours or to go home. Youngsters thrive on the malls and eateries. The old and weary are seen resting within the shelter of their homes. Everyone is busy in their own little tasks that an outsider will rarely get a chance to ask for help. As the sun goes down, this hub is the most crowed, that is… before darkness sets it. Once it does people scurry away back to where they had come from, and the life that once inhabited, haunts the streets, yearning for the sun to rise again.


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