Memories and the City of Valdrada

Week 2 (Assignment #2)

Date: 3/2/2016

As we move in time, moments that have passed become a part of our memory. Memory is our ability to store and recollect information. The passage I have chosen is Cities and Eyes (1) that describes the city of Valdrada.

Valdrada is a city built above a lake- its construction is such that every point in the city is reflected in the lake. As a result, there are really two cities that coexist and every action that takes place in Valdrada is also reflected in its mirror. I think that the reflected images in the cities of Valdrada are a form of memory. As soon as someone does something, it becomes a part of his or her memory but at that very instant, the mirrored city also replays the action. Thus these images are like a projection of moments, split seconds after they occur but instead of being recollected in the mind they are shown in the lake.

Conversely, the residents of Valdrada are also acutely aware of this nature of their city and never perform any actions with ‘forgetfulness’. This means that before they perform any action, they already imagine doing it in their heads the way they would expect to see it in the reflection. Thus, in a way, their whole life is like a collection of déjà vu moments. In other words, it is like the people of this city have memories not only of the past, but also of the future.


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