Memory and Fedora

Week 2: 1/2/16

Assignment 2

Fedora was a simple city which changed itself in a blink of an eye. Each of the Fedoras, remembered, existing or anticipated were preserved in the crystal globes kept in the central museum of Fedora. In time when a man is making the miniature Fedora, the city changes before his piece is complete. Inhabitants of Fedora each have their own city of Fedora, they have elements combined from various times which make up a perfect and desired city in their mind. How do they distinguish between the reality and their desires? Well, they don’t. The idea of Fedora for them constitutes of their memories and their dreams. Each of them are drawn towards a particular crystal globe, in which they find their once remembered and cherished Fedora. These globes are not just different versions of the city but actual memories which are frozen and preserved for the inhabitants to recollect and cherish them.


One thought on “Memory and Fedora

  1. Fedora is forever changing, but what is the nature of that change? What are the elements that make it so ever changing? What does the globe signify and what is it doing, as a representation of the city that changes so fast? Think of what a globe is and what does it do for our imagination of the world. You’re talking about concepts, but I need you to examine your reflections and impressions of this text. 🙂


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