My day at Marine Drive (week 2)

June 18, it was a bright sunny day. My friend and I decided to go for a movie. After the movie got over, as we were leaving, it started raining heavily. The sky was overcast with black clouds. Suddenly there was a drop in the temperature. We decided to stay inside the mall until the rain stopped. It was almost evening and the rain had stopped pouring. The weather became quite pleasant. I could feel the cool breeze reaching to my bones. Even though it was too late, we decided to go to Marine Drive. While talking to my friend, I noticed a man sitting beside us. He was constantly staring at us. He was dark complexioned, stout body, bloodshot eyes, shoes unpolished, his pants, wet and mud stained and his blazer, old and torn from one side. His presence made us feel uncomfortable and unpleasant.  We decided to leave. As we were walking towards the cab, I noticed that he was following us. We started walking even faster, but he didn’t stop following.  Somehow, I gathered courage and thought of confronting him. We stopped by as he came closer. He grabbed something out of his pocket.  It was a 500 rupee note.  He told us that it fell from my wallet and he was coming after us so that he could return it. I felt a little ashamed that I was doubting someone who was trying to help me.  This incident changed my mind about people. I am happy that such helpful people also exist in this selfish world, where everyone believes in thinking about themselves first rather than others.


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