Photographic Memory

  1. A pleasant evening, kids enjoying post school at the very famous Juhu beach. The goat cart giving  a very multi feeling in the modernised transport on the beach. The goat given an old vibe and the tyres in the cart giving a new. The flying of the hair giving a sense of a pleasant windy atmosphere. But the wet sand also giving us a clue of the Monsoon Season. The clouds almost ready to pour anytime. The kids are enjoying the ambience after a tiring day at school, working for 6 to 7 hours from the morning. The picture takes me back to my old memories spent at the chowpatty beach with my family and friends.

2. As soon as I saw this picture it got like all the old memories back. JJ school of arts,         has been the start to my artist life, this the the place where i gave my first entrance exam based on art. i remember being really nervous, but as soon as I witnessed my competition, it brought a lot of  motivation. This picture portrays dedication, concentration, attention, silence, and debt in itself.

3. “Lets go for a walk” this is always the first thing that comes to my mind as soon as i see marine drive. The Marine Drive (the queens necklace) the the most beautiful place I’ve come across in Mumbai. Marine Drive in monsoons is a ‘must watch’. however beautiful it might be in the day time, but the LED lights in the night becomes the beauty of the place. people have thousands of memories with this place. people come here with parents, friends, lovers, relatives, etc. You go there at any point of the day, you wont ever find it empty. The best part is that i can see the entire view of the marine drive sitting at home.


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