Thin cities- Memory 1/2/16

Octiavia, the spider web city holds memories in each strand of its web. The shared memories entwine to connect the souls of the people living there. Celebrations at one end spread joy throughout the city, any sad incident travels through the strands and city becomes dark. Stories of heartbreaks and disappointments, memories of a child’s laughter, conspiracy of the thieves , sweetness of the lovers,  birth and death all trapped in this enormous web.

As you enter the city you are overwhelmed with a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach and nostalgia of the embedded memories. The little children swinging on hammocks remind you of the birds taking flight, a feeling of complete freedom.The chandeliers sparkle like a cluster of stars in the sky. As night falls people return to their individual worlds made of coarse sacks suspended from the strands of the web radiating a feeling of  warmth and security.


One thought on “Thin cities- Memory 1/2/16

  1. Lila, thanks for your write-up. You’re using descriptive terms, but aren’t explaining or reflecting on much, for example, when you say “the spider web city holds memories in each strand of its web”, what do you mean, more than interconnectedness of memory? How does this memory operate and how do people contribute to it?

    What do you mean by “nostalgia of memory” — these are interesting terms that need elaboration, in my opinion.


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