Week 1- Hw

My Grandfather’s House

Our ancestral home is located in the older part of a small town called Neemuch. The moment you enter the house you feel like you’ve stepped into a place belonging to different times. The ground floor of the house has narrow passages and stone floors. The part of the house that attracts me the most is a doorway next to the main entrance which leads to the first floor. It consists of a steep staircase and a rope to help you climb. Its a place which makes me visualize my grandfather’s childhood whenever I visit it.

As an Isidoran

The City Square is the place where our small population spends their whole day. The men and women dressed in eccentric clothes engage themselves in various tasks while a group of elderly men sits on a bench near the wall observing the others. The streets are made up of multiple coloured stone and there are all kinds of wonderful things available on them. Sometimes a stranger from a foreign land stumbles upon the spiral staircase with encrusted seashells leading up to our city Isidora. Standing in the middle of City Square in front of the seven coloured fountain while playing the violin, I could see the astonished expression on their faces as they take in the beauty of the place.

A man suddenly wakes up somewhere else and feels moisture in the corner of his wrinkled eyes. His hand are placed on his chest as if he was still playing a violin.  He remembers having this dream when he was a little boy and his promise to himself that he would embark on a journey to find such a place.


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