Week 2-3/2/16


One may think memory is as basic as remembering something of one’s past but truly when thought about is a highly complex concept. It is much more than just our past and its importance and existence is only realized over a period of time: when one sees something that connects one to that moment or the absence of it.

Memories, as years go by, become increasingly romanticized, the moments and sensations felt in that short few seconds are highly exaggerated and we continue to remember it that way. An extract from the book ‘Invisible Cities’, describing the city ‘Despina’ is the perfect example.Despina is a border city between two extremities: desert and sea. The travelers who arrive by ship in the coastline’s haze think of the city to look like a camel with an embroidered saddle, carrying dates and candied fruits as they head to the “oases of fresh water” where as the camel riders think of the skyline to be a steam boat. Their memory of what lies on the other end of the city and their desire to be there highly romanticizes each detail almost as if they saw the camel and boat just yesterday.


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