Week 2- Hw

Photographic Memory


The moment we stepped out of the bus the salty sea wind hit us in the faces and made me feel as if I had all the freedom in the world. This was the best thing that a teacher could ever do for us. She saved us from the suffocating atmosphere of those classrooms with the yellow painted walls which always gave me the feeling of being in a cell, and held a fun near the sea classroom. We all sat down on the sand with notebooks and pencils in our hand for an hour. After that we were given some snacks and allowed to explore around for a while and buy whatever we wanted to from the shops and the vendors. We were all supposed to return to a fixed particular spot by 5:30 PM. My friends and I wandered here and there for some time, looking at the shops selling different things. Then we found this small group of men who had carriages which were pulled by strong looking goats. They were giving out free rides on it to the small poor children even though they were poor themselves. Seeing all this touched my heart and made this experience all the more memorable. Before heading back all of us too rode on those carriages and gave some money to those men.


After a long and tedious journey of three weeks we had finally reached the end of our portrait sketching session. Today was the last class. I had been practicing for days to get every feature, every shade right. We had started from sketching out the body parts individually first, from a close up of the face of the model and then gradually moving towards sketching the feet. Now we would be sketching the whole model today and I had to make it perfectly. The first half of the class went on without any glitch and I was quite happy with the way my portrait was turning out. Suddenly I felt this itching on my back and at first I tried to ignore it. But it kept getting worse even when I tried to scratch it. All my concentration was now getting shattered. Suddenly my knee hit the base of the easel and it fell backwards with a big splotch of ink on my sketch. The road to perfection is truly difficult.


We got out of the station and started walking towards the main road with huge open grounds on either side of us. We wanted to go to an area nearby and kept asking people for directions. Walking down on the highway I couldn’t help but get lost in the view of the sea like always. I had passed on this way so many times before but for the first time today I had come with a purpose to find a particular object which was required for my project. Growing up here had made me used to coming on marine drive with my friends and family many times before. The market that I wanted to find was a place that I would be going to for the first time. This made me realize how much is still left to explore in my city and that I’ve never actually known my birthplace as well as I thought I did. When we did finally found that market it showed me another side of the city and I couldn’t help but appreciate the fact that you can get surprised any time in your life.

All Photos courtesy: Magnum Photos. Rights held by photographer / Magnum. The pictures are used for educational purposes only. Explore more photos: http://www.magnumphotos.com/


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