Week 2


Eutropia is a city where memory is created as one has to move from one place to another after a certain point of time when they are tired of the current place and life. So, the time one moves to a new place, the previous place, time spent out there, job and wife, all becomes a memory for them. The memory that is formed and stored in them, reflects on the decisions they make and things they don’t want to do in the next place. For instance, when one moves to the next place, it doesn’t opt for the same wife and same job because it doesn’t want to repeat the memory they had with them. Thus, everytime the rotate, everything is different. People travel with their memories and all of them vary depending on the place and their new lifestyle. In the end, their life and places, everything becomes a memory. This could be related to real life, where people move from village to Mumbai, or any place, their previous place becomes a memory for them and when they go back, they relive their memory.


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