“ Ful lela Ful lelo” I heard an old man say, while I was glancing at the Queen’s necklace through my car’s window . I gave him a gentle nod and expected him to move further. Instead I found the drenched man looking at me with perseverance and saying “ Please Madam, boni ( First sale of the day) karalo”. Looking at his poor state, I didn’t feel like denying that beautiful rose. I willingly took the rose and gave him a Rupee 10 note.

As the man moved forward, I noticed his cold shivering body and thought of giving him my umbrella. “ Bhaiyaji bhaiyaji” I screamt trying to get his attention and held the umbrella out to him.

As the yellow light flashed, I turned around and saw my umbrella with a young child sitting on the pavement,whereas the old man continued getting drenched and doing his job.




As I cleaned the last spot of dust, the bell rang and a trail of students entered the classroom for their session. Everyone took their assigned seats and began assembling their equipments. I spotted an empty seat and I slyly creeped into that seat.

Camouflaged between the real fine art students I too felt like one. After a moment of hesitation, I too began sketching the live model. I was so engrossed in my work, that I ignored a few suspicious stares and continued with confidence. The girl next to me asked me “Are you a new entrant ?” to which I calmly responded with a nod. I had overcome my biggest obstacle of anybody finding out my identity. A few minutes into sketching, I felt an unwanted tap on my shoulders and a heard a stiff voice say “ Please can I have your ID Card”.




I tried to concentrate on my cotton candy and enjoy the view from the beach; my most favourite place in the world. While hanging from the cart, one hand clenched on the handle, I could see a lot of hustle, an unusual visual. I leaped out of the cart and started walking towards the crowd. Lights, Camera, Action I heard someone command through a speaker. The blaring noise made my heart beat faster. I rushed into the crowd, squeezing myself through the tiny gaps between tall, fat, sweaty people and managed to reach the very front row. My eyes popped out as i saw the superstar, Rajesh Khanna. This was the first time I ever bunked school, all the guilt I felt while partially enjoying my cotton candy suddenly vanished away. This new feeling made bunking school totally worth it.


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