Week 3



Marine Drive


Everyday going through the same area and yet feeling different about this area is quite mesmerising for me. Passing through the same waves crashing the same rocks yet they tell you a different story and creating a distinct mood. Its very interesting that how there are so many things going on in one area and despite of that one yet feels so peaceful and everyone is in their own little bubble. But i wonder, that what we feel sitting next to the sea and appreciating its beauty, does the sea feel the same about us?

Furthermore, since today it was raining, so there was no one sitting near the rocks but everyone was sitting under the flyover and this was the right time for me to meet the beauty of the sea and its sound. The waves were crashing the rocks as if the were calling me so i decided to secretly jump into the sea and hear what they had to say. I go in and the water splashes out, expecting to see few beautiful fish and waves coming to welcome me but i was surprised with what i saw. Only garbage and wastes. I could hear the waves crying and pleading me to give them back their old sea city. This is when i realised that we must be lucky to have a sea in our city but sea doesn’t feel lucky to have us near their sea city.


JJ School of Arts


Standing there in the corner and the noise of the pencil stroke reaching my ear, but i knew they were not sketching me. My elegant curves were exposed and my legs were beautifully draped by a white cloth forming so many creases which added to my beauty and each trying to reach out everyone’s attention. Moreover, looking at the people who could freely move their hands and body the way they want and i was stuck with one position and no hands would make me frustrate but i never showed it on my face. Looking like humans and yet not being able to do anything that they can do, shatters me from inside. My beauty and the confidence instilled in me overpowers my disability because of which today i stand in this famous school.

Moreover, everyday hundred of humans sketch me on their paper and everyone sees me differently. When someone is unable to sketch me they blame it on me by saying “why would anyone make this?” But today, it was a very unusual day, humans who gave me birth are today taking their own child’s place. All the eyes are looking at her, where there used to be a time when no eyeballs would move from my body, and now i am ignored by everyone? All the pencils and hands excited to sketch me are today drawing someone else? i feel betrayed by my own parents and feel like running in the middle but my disability stops me here.


Juhu Beach


My hard feet walking over the same soft sand again and again trying to find the happiness that i had lost few years back. Taking the load of cheerful kids sitting behind me and laughing reminds me of the family that i had lost. For me, the village people were my family but for them i was just a source of income, which is why i stand here today at the place called Juhu. All the caring and concern was just so that they could obtain milk from me and sell it and i misunderstood that as love as i thought it was because they had accepted me as their family even though i didn’t look like them or talk like them, i thought i was a part them.

Moving on, my new boss, hits me with the belt and tortures me whenever i slow down but he doesn’t hurt me emotionally and everyday seeing people behind my back enjoying recovers all the pain. Moreover, i have never been surrounded by so many people in one place, never seen water chasing people, never seen so many emotions in one area but today i just feel like i’m in probably different planet and i belong here and there is so much of freedom all around me but except for animals like me.


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