Constructed Environment

1.How does Calvino describe this city?

Calvino describes Octavia, as the spider web city. The city is situated on a declivity of two steep mountains over a void. It is bound to the two crests with ropes, chains and catwalks with nothing hundreds and hundreds of feet below. This particular city is temporary in nature, the entire city is dependent on the sustainability of the web. One string broken ,can destroy the entire city.

2. What is the role of the monuments?

Monuments in a city always have stories to tell about the city. They hold memories. Monuments speak about the style of living of the people there, Travelling means, recreational etc. The monuments mentioned in Octavia are homes like sacks, chandeliers, terraces, hammocks, cable cars, baskets on strings.

3. How does urban interact with the natural?

The urban begins to find comfort in the natural, adapt to the what it has to offer. In Octavia, the spider web city, people would reside in sack like homes suspended from the strands of the web. They would travel around the city walking on wooden ties careful with every step, clim up rope ladders and swing of hammocks. The net serves as a passage as well as a support for the people living there.

4. How do we distinguish between natural and man made?

Natural elements are independent and naturally occurring. Octavia is a natural city wherein strands form an enormous web to provide support for the people living there. All the other elements such as the chandeliers, cable cars, hammocks, ladders etc are man made to provide more comfort to its residents. However these man made objects are entirely dependent on natural elements for its production.



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