Memory is a very subtle term, every day every object reminds us of a certain place a specific person a memory to grief upon or cherish to. We recall our past through people, objects, places even pictures. Some places I visit, some pictures I see, leave me stranded in my past, its a throwback to old times. Various objects drag me down the memory lane to a particular date, in that month of that year. Past leaves a huge impact on our present. Where we stand today is built up because of our past. Some memories are tied up to our body forever and some just fade away with time. Memories that our important to us stay besides us through lifetime but few memories are vague and vanish away as time passes by.

In the city of leonia memory does not hold importance. Each day they wake up to build a new memory which fades by the end of the day and its time for the another day and a new memory. In this city memory does not hold permanence. Existence ends as the day comes to an end.


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