Week 3- Homework


The first time that I entered into the apartment that was going to become our home for the next 11 months; I felt this uneasiness in my heart. This was a usual feeling those days because I was shifting to Mumbai and there were all these huge changes going on in my life that time.

After finishing up the contracts and all the legal formalities for the apartment we got into the process of shifting all our stuff. We spent the whole day cleaning, dusting and arranging the whole place. I could however still not shake off that feeling. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to live here but at the same time I was excited to live by myself independently.  In the evening there was just one box left for us to open and arrange its contents. We all had become pretty tired by then and the swiftness with which we had been working in the morning was definitely gone. My sister had been frantically searching for a dream catcher that was given to her by her friend, the whole time in all the boxes which we had got from her old apartment. Finally she found it with a squeal of delight on the bottom of this last box, wrapped carefully in a small bag. She hung it on a hook on the ceiling near the window where it kept swaying in the light breeze that was flowing at that time.

Somehow looking at the pretty colours of the dream catcher and the way the whole place had turned out, slowly my fear started disappearing and I felt some connection to the house. Six months later that fear is now a distant memory.


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