Integrative Seminar

A North Eastern holiday

#0531 Bell & Dorje Set: Polished Large w/Case - Click Image to Close

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During the summer of 07 my family and I had taken a trip to visit the regions of north east India. At Dharamshala my Dad picked up a Tibetan bell (Dorge). This bell was cast in bronze and held religious and cultural meaning to it. Like a traditional bell it has a flower on the shoulder with an eight petal pattern and on the handle it has a Chetri mask.

To a 10 year old child bells in general are fascinating, but this bell… an ”antiquey” looking one with various engravings peeked an innocent kind of interest in my heart. The thought of having the Tibetan culture merge with my own was thrilling. The location of the bell changed, but its significance never did. It has a hard wood striker that is used to resonate sound from the bell. The sound it produces creates calmness that blocks out all other sounds. The resonance shudders through the air washing out all thoughts, marking a sort of new beginning moment.

We now use the dorge during ganpati puja and other religious rituals. I love using the resonance bell. Although it wasn’t used in our family before, it feels like it’s always been here. It feels like a connection to God, regardless of the idol its user worships. Just a gaze at it captivates you and you get possessed with a longing to play it.


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