Constructed Environment

How does Calvino describe his cities ?

Calvino describes this city through people and through the memories that the people create. How every person he sees reminds him of a memory of a dead person. The city is formulated through the whereabouts of these people. He creates this city through the backgrounds of the people he encounters, he doesn’t directly describe the structure of the city.

2. What is the role of that monuments play?

Places like the dock, the fish market and the building with a balcony are mentioned in the text however they don’t have a monumental role. I think the narrow street in the city is the monument of this city. This is because this is the only place in the city where Marco feels that he himself is dead.

3. How does the Urban interact with the natural?

There are a few hints of contact between the urban and natural. The fish market shows that that the people went fishing, therefore interacting with the natural environment. Another hint is the sea urchin basket. The vegetable vendors also give a hint of agricultural activity.

4. How do we distinguish between nature and man-made ?

Nature is anything that are provided by the Earth, they are products of the Earth. However man made is anything that is created by man and using existing resources provided by the Earth. Hence in the extract it is easy to identify what is man made and what is nature. The balcony, street, houses, the dock and the market are man made.


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