Constructed Environment

How does Calvino describe the city?

Calvino describes the city as being a border city between an ocean of sand and desert of water. He tries to portray how the city has two faces and how either side perceives it. The city on one hand is a large steam boat ready to take camel riders away from the desert, where as on the other hand the city looks like a long caravan which is ready to take the sailor towards an oasis of fresh water. The city is a reflection of what travelers from either desert desire.

What is the role that monuments play?

Monuments give the city recognition and its uniqueness. They form the border between the two deserts. The monuments which are the skyscrapers, antenna, satellites, radars aid the imagination of the sailors who imagine a camel and camel drivers who imagine a steam boat.

How do the urban interact with the nature?

The urban in a way is the divider between the two extremities of nature. The high rise buildings blocks out the view of the other side, it makes people from either side desire and imagines what the opposite would be like.

How do we distinguish between natural and man-made?

Man-Made objects are made from the resources provided by earth and thus are a misfit in the city of Despina which is bordered by two extremities of nature. The urban and man-made in the city of Despina are completely contrasting compared to the natural.


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