Granny’s House/ Isidorian



I walk to a place where I feel more at home than my own house. I push open the rusty gate of my granny’s old yet alluring bungalow. I see her sitting at her balcony sipping tea and chopping vegetables. She smiles wide when she spots me and invites me in. As I step in, I am greeted with the smell of lavender and sandalwood. She makes me sit in the living room and as I look up, all I can manage to do is stare at the ceiling. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen something so intricate yet beautiful. And just like that all the memories come running in flashbacks, just like in movies. I remember spending my summers here with all my cousins and troubling Nanimaa so much. Playing hide and seek, learning how to sew and knit, oiling our hair. I would always go back home with a belly popping out.


And Love Happened

Isidora’s been my home since I fell in love with a woman who belonged here. I was an outsider who now owns a bar in this enchanting city I call home. I remember when I had initially moved in here and I did not know a single soul, my roommate of that time who was born and bought up here carved me a violin for my birthday. That made me realise that the people of Isidora have empathy in their hearts. Sometimes, I miss home but the spiral staircases encrusted with seashells and the coastline remind me of my hometown. When I first lay my eyes on my wife she was terror-stricken and tangled in her own bones, a fight between the bettors of a cockfight had taken place and it was a bloodbath. I just had to save her, we spent the entire night inside a narrow lane below a blanket of constellations, I consider that our first date. I knew then that I had my heart set on something that my mind knew nothing about. On our second date, I got a bottle of wine and she brought a telescope and some cheese and bread. I can never forget that day an old couple was sitting right across us and they smiled so wide as if they were reminiscing their memories. After that day all my desires began and ended with her. I used to dream and now she carries all of them.



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