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This light bulb, as ordinary as it might look, has a very peculiar feeling captured within it. Looking at it always transports me to that time which will never come back. I received this light bulb on the last day of my school, last day of grade 10. Although I had no idea this light bulb would ignite such memories in the future but now when I look at it, I become that 10th grade school girl again. This doesn’t only remind me of that day but also that time, a much easier time, when my biggest problem was finishing homework. Today, time runs away, without any warning and that light bulb is my escape to slower times. It reminds me of the chitter chatter in the school corridors during break time and sharing all our flavoursome food on the noisy steel canteen tables. Teacher’s scoldings and praises that are instilled within me, have shaped me the way I am today, these are a few memories I never want to let go of. I have very few objects that have a a specific time period enclosed within it. This light bulb is one of them, it has all my emotions and the essence of an innocent little school girl. It also marks the start of a new life, my college life, one very different from anything I had ever encountered and this is why this bulb is a treasure to me.


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