This small piece of paper holds the most unforgettable memory of my life, my 8th birthday. My parents had thrown a grand barbie themed birthday party for me and i had distributed these invitation cards to my friends. I remember, i was hopping from class to class, calling out to my friends and giving it to them and seeing a bright smile on their face which assured me that they were coming. This card doesn’t only take me back to that day but reminds me of all the years and memories after that day. The most interesting part is that i had invited myself for my own party which makes me laugh everytime when i see it. Moreover, it makes me miss the innocent and bubbly part of me and i remember at that time i just wanted to become an adult and do everything like make up, shopping, go out alone and be free but today when i am old i want to go back to my childhood days, away from tension and responsibilities. This invitation card must be printed when i was 8 years old, but this captures all the memories i had after that and takes me through the journey of my life and makes me realise how much i have changed. Earlier, small small things used to excite me like the gifts and even though on the card my mom had written “no gifts, only blessings” but when i gave my friends these cards, i specifically told them to, get gifts or else i wont talk to them. This card never misses to make me laugh but at the same time makes me scared that my childhood days are gone and i will never be able to experience the same thing again.



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