Memory & The City Of Desire Zobeide

Assignment 2

Is there something left? Has the fire burned out entirely? Maybe a little heat may reignite the flame. I have no way of knowing the truth though. So I shall wait for someone to try to give some heat. But the embers shall always remain here. Every resignation just reduces the embers. But embers shall always stay, I can never just let you go. This perfectly describes the passage that I’ve chose; CITIES & DESIRES 5.

Every memory that you have is a fragment of your imagination. The city of Zobeide was built on nothing but the imagination of countless men who dreamt the same dream of a serene woman running down the streets of a city that never existed. In order to make their vision a reality they built Zobeide. The city has been made on the basis of memory and imagination. They made the streets and followed her trail. They made walls and no way to escape on the path where she disappeared, a dead end. But none of them ever saw her. They kept waiting for their dream to turn into reality but alas. Residents of this city have left their nations and made home in this city just to catch that one glimpse of the woman of their dreams.


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