Objects & memories

IMG_1204.jpg6th June, 2015. Armin Van Buuren. These beverage cards sum up my best memory in one picture. How different it is, isn’t it? how one picture, one object, one person is all it takes to throw you down the memory lane. A picture can trigger back a thousand memories breaking it down into fragments of several memories. Its beautiful how a photograph can take you back in time bounding you to cherish and relive those moments again through that one piece of paper.

Only 60 minutes to the concert and I was dealing with major crisis on what to wear, what shoes to put on, what make up to wear. This had to occur someday after all its the girl world and it just can not be easy. I had turned my room up side down looking for that one perfect outfit for the concert, the whole of my wardrobe was scattered on the floor and well i was panicking, wasn’t that easy to notice? Looked here and there and bam there was my outfit. Black over black, always works doesn’t it? So I just put on some lipstick a little liner and I was good to go. This was one concert I was really excited for and yes it was going to be huge. It was 7.30 by the time we reached NSCI stadium and as soon as I got hold of my passes I rushed towards the entrance, my excitement had no boundaries that moment. I could feel the music before I even entered the stadium. I rushed towards the stage, it was cold, dark and the only support of light we had was the beam of laser lights in colors of green, blue and red flashing on faces.

  The best memory that adds up to the day was of the beverage cards up there in the image. Not one but two. So we bought one card and swipped vodka shots out of it. I was already so dazed out when I got my second one for free. It was really random but who cares when you get free alcohol, not being inappropriate. Subtly we ordered for more drinks and by the end of the night I was up on my feet dancing and grooving to the music. It was positive vibrations around me everywhere. The clock struck 12 and the music stopped and my feet too. Every moment at the arena was worth the time I spent struggling before the event. It was a night to remember, a memory to last.


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