Objects that hold Memories

Date: 8/2/2016


The ratio of cattle to humans in New Zealand is 7:1. I know this because six years ago I visited a cattle-rearing facility in New Zealand called Agrodome. It was one of those things that most tourists that visit the country do. They had a stage where they displayed all the different kinds of sheep and how they are sheared. They also showed us how cows are milked and invited people from the audience to do the same. The show itself wasn’t very fun but Agodome had a very cute gift shop that sold sheep themed merchandise. It was there that I picked up a pouch that now epitomizes the entire trip for me. Being a stationary fanatic, as soon as I got home I stuffed my sheep with my arsenal of pens. Since that day, he’s been a close companion and has been there with me every step of the way. Several times I forgot to cap my pens and spilled ink all over his body but he never complained, he always had a sweet smile on his face. Over the years, despite all the times I washed him, his pure white fleece has collected dust and his zip has almost given way. My friends joke that I have a hard time letting people go and that it’s time for me to put my sheep away but I always refused to even consider the possibility. As I write this, I realize that he has been with me long enough and the time really has come for me to stop being so selfish. Yesterday at Kalaghoda I picked up a beautiful leather pouch that can take over the responsibilities of my sheep but he should know that he would never be forgotten. Years later, when I find him in some corner of my house, he will still bring back memories not only of Agrodome or New Zealand but also of all the years that followed.


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