Constructed Environments

1.How does Calvino describe this city?

Calvino describes Zobeide, as a white city. The city is nothing but a dream city, it’s based on the same dream that men from all over the world dreamt. It was a blank canvas, these men built it as a maze with a million dead ends.

2. What is the role of the monuments?

The woman that all the men dreamt about is probably the monument of Zobeide. The literal meaning of the word monument is a structure erected to commemorate a notable person or event. Well, they built the entire city for her.

3. How does urban interact with the natural?

The built city of Zobeide is made by men seeking their dream. The city consists of nothing but trails that form a maze. The men stay awake all night seeking for something that is missing.

How do we distinguish between natural and man made?

In Zobeide, nothing except the land that the city stands on is natural. The entire city is man made. It is very easy to distinguish.


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