Date: 15/2/2016

Identifying signs in the city of Valdrada and trying to understand what they literally and metaphorically convey about the nature of the city.

    Literal Metaphorical
Shores of a lake Edge of a large, still water body Refection of the city is formed Self –Reflection/Conscience
Houses all verandas Open Houses Everyone cans see everything People are open about their private lives
(built) one above the other City built upwards Tall, haphazard skyline No defined structure
High Streets with railed Parapets Vertical Streets People are at great heights in the city Looking at yourself from a distance/ getting a higher perspective, while also protecting yourself from the fall
Mirror Image/ Inverted Reflection Image of yourself Analyzing yourself/ how you see yourself
Two identical (but not symmetrical) cities Two cities that appear to be the same Two versions of the city How you really are vs. how you see yourself
Flutings and Juttings of facades Projections and pillars on the exterior of a building Outside appearance of the city How you project yourself into the world
Ceilings/Floors/Perspective of halls/ Room interiors Interiors of the buildings What can be seen from the inside Feelings/emotions/personal thoughts that you don’t show to the world but can see in the mirror
Eyes Interlocked (between the two cities) Looking at each other Constantly Judging your appearances Always aware of how you are looking/ how the world sees you
No love between them No affection Detached view/perception Objective and criticizing view of yourself



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