SIGNIFIER                   SIGNIFIED                        SIGN
          Literal   Metaphorical
Network of canals and routes Land and water Transportation available for land and water  
Zigzag and tortuous optional routes Complex  web of roads Various streets and passages The options we have and the choices we henceforth make
Up and down course of steps, landings, cambered bridges, hanging streets A difficult journey Obstacles on the road Hindrances in life
Dropping from a rooftop to a balcony Falling down Jumping from a higher surface to a lower one  highs and lows of life
Following guttering with acrobat’s steps Being careful   Dodging the problems and not facing the truth
Darkness of the sewers No light inside the underground   Loneliness and separation
Manholes and drainpipes Place for waste and dirt Holes on the ground Place for banishment of the evil and wicked
Solid and liquid Land and water Streets and waterways  
Invisible parabolas marking from airy paths all the points of the city Covering the whole city Flight of a bird Freedom in all ways



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