Not one city, but many Division The area is large, that it could be divided into many cities Not one life but many lives
Rotation Movement Citizens move from one city to another Citizens need change or they think everything is changing.
Scattered over a rolling plateau Rolling plateau is divided into many cities Large area Their experiences and memories are scattered over different areas/ Memories are so scattered that it is difficult to join them and sum it up as one life
Inhabitants feel the grip of weariness At a point of time, they get tired of their life Citizens need change, want to renew their life In life we are excited for something and when we get it, we are soon unhappy and unsatisfied with it and we demand for something else
Life is renewed new beginning living different lives in one life Even though citizens are living the same life they feel everything has changed.

eg. People with alzheimer

New job, different wife/ Same scenes with actors changed Change Everytime people are living different lives with new people and new lifestyle People who suffer from alzheimer, even though they are living the same routine and life, since they forget, so everything is new for them, even their wife.
City is sacred to Mercury, god of fickle Changing frequently Lots of variety since everything is changing Not satisfied with one thing.

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