Wholesale fish market Fish industry Literal -the sea is an important source of food

Metaphorical- a market resembles exchange therefore it probably shoes exchange of experiences

The dead outnumber the living the dead count is more than the population Literal- according to his life experiences he knows more dead people than living

Metaphorical- He arrived this city at own old age.

Kaleidoscope of eyes,wrinkles and grimaces The city is made up of different patterns Literal- He sees alot of eyes, wrinkles and grimaces

Metaphorical – Shows old age, decay and “ Kaleidoscope” perhaps suggests how the perception

The resemblances will dissolve he wont find anything familiar Literal- he will stop recognising the people and relating them to someone who is dead

Metaphorical – If he stops thinking about the memories and the experiences in his life, he will start forgetting them due to his old age.

I no longer dared look anyone in the face he was afraid Literal- He didn’t want to look at anybody because he knew it would remind him of a dead person

Metaphorical- He had reached a point in life where the present had nothing but misery stored in it.

For each face it finds the most suitable mask every face has another face to resemble it Literal- He matches every unknown face to a person he has known according to what fits best.

Metaphorical- He is trying to find closure of all his past experiences in his present.

Their faces were hidden by sackcloth hoods Their faces were covered Metaphorical- His experiences were hidden until they start unfolding when he sees familiar faces.
assailed by unexpected faces as if he was being attacked by appearances Metaphorical – He didn’t expect to come across experiences from the past and therefore felt attacked with all his experiences relating to death.

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