City displays a different face to either side The city can be viewed in two contrasting perspectives The city has two different sides to it City is an Ambigram,


Pinnacles of Skyscrapers,

Chimney belching smoke,


White and Red wind socks




Well connected

The top of tall buildings,

Means of communication,

Tell the direction of wind

The breeze swelling the sails, not yet unfurled The steamboat is getting ready to sail The sails are yet tied up His desire will remain unfulfilled
Foreign merchandise that the cranes unload on the docks They city has a port Cargo being unloaded The desire of something that is exotic or unfamiliar
He knows it is a city, but he thinks of it as a vessel

He knows it is a city, but he thinks of it as a camel

In both scenarios the viewer choose to believe their imagination They imagine the city to be something it’s not The city reflects what one desires to see; Their desires being something they long for
Embroidered saddle with glittering fringe between two spotted humps The dessert and exotic land A camel The city is supported and woven by a sense of earthiness and culture
Half hidden by their veils, half revealed Sense of mystery Something of which only a part can be seen Feeling familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time


(When one desires something strongly it is usually because of the lack of it, they are unfamiliar to it; but one yet imagines it as if it is something they are very familiar with.)


City receives it’s form from the desert it opposes The city is molded according to the viewer The city looks different from either side The city is a giant chunk of clay between two deserts; Mirage

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