A Narrative on Fedora

Week 5: 22/2/16

Assignment 1

A Narrative on Fedora

I tried concentrating I tell you, but was it me or the city? Was this my exhaustion after travelling for so long in the desert that was making me delusional? This agitation that was evident, it was the city, somehow the city didn’t seem stable. Every few moments it tried to show me something different, every person I met here talked in all three tenses at the same time. My thoughts were drifting from one time to the other.

There beneath the blazing sun, on an arid land I met him, he was a jolly fellow. He sat on a rock with his tattered clothes sprawled around him. Those clothes were royal robes to him. He talked about Medusa pond, seven years ago, which I couldn’t find then, and a monument which would be built where he was sitting. I met others trying to find the pond and the proposed monument but to my astonishment, they couldn’t recollect that. Instead I was told about the elephants and the minarets. So I tried searching for the minarets but I couldn’t find them either.

Finally I referred to a map, it showed only grids, no signs nor any symbols. The city was making me crazy. I was hoping to somehow give my uneasiness a rest but when I failed to decipher the map, I actually started to wonder whether did the city actually exist or not. But right in the centre of the map was an illustration of an old building. Naturally I went to the monument. There I found my answer. When I went inside saw thousands of globes in front of me. I saw the man’s pond and his monument in one globe, in the other I met the elephants and the minarets. But finally I saw something that caught my eye. In one globe on the shelf, I saw myself, talking to the queer man, meeting the intriguing inhabitants, referring to map and then finally a mirror image of myself.

Fifty years since but I still don’t remember, how much time I spent looking at that globe. But you understand what I just said to you, do you? I didn’t describe the city I saw then, or the places I saw or the conditions I lived in, but I have just described my globe. There are many different cities that I have visited, I can vaguely remember how they were, but Fedora is the city I desire, the city I came across. For me, meeting the man there and the other inhabitants was similar to an adventure. When I found my globe I felt as if I had found my destination. But as a traveller, one destination isn’t a favourable concept, but then again my destination changed at the blink of an eye. I don’t know how is it now, well I don’t even know how was it then. But the one thing, perhaps the only thing I am sure of is of its existence. Me, the city and the globe.


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