Tunnel Narrative


Assignment #1;


At the crack of dawn during the epoch where the only way to communicate was through letters and can phones, I walked through the haunting boulevards and deceived my gloomy thoughts as I swam across cities for you. You had built a home in my heart and In that one glimpse, I was yours. I can never escape the sidereal day when you walked away from me, your ravishing yet alluring hair is the solitary memory that I reminisced of you.

I see you everywhere. All the voices keep telling me that I am not the only one who was enchanted by you. A hundred voices keep bawling in my ears, all of them have dreamt of pursuing you and as they twisted and turned they lost you.

We made an obdurate decision to build a city based on the interstice where you abandoned us. The city of Zobeide, a white city where all the streets interlocked and each voice constructed his own labyrinth. They waited for the scene to be repeated, the moment where you walked away from us, but this time there would be no escape. The city was dead, the only ambition that the voices here had was to find you, the woman of their dreams. None of them batted their eyelids during the night but they would fail to catch a descry of you. We kept remodelling the city, new avenues and stairways so you wouldn’t flee. But our hopes are mangled every single time.

I can never seize to differentiate between reality and fantasy. Has my love for you made me a lunatic? I would never know that now, would I?


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