Despina rewritten

Lost somewhere in the desert of Atlantic, no matter how deranged he had become, a sailor could always find his way around to reach his destination or tell where he was. And this time if he was right, he knew he wasn’t too far from the ‘Devil’s Triangle’. After being thrown around about his ship the water all of a sudden turned into calm, gentle waves and he knew death was nearing, what else one would expect being sucked into the Bermuda Triangle?

What he saw next blew his mind, he knew you couldn’t be wrong about his location; he was a sailor after all but a city in the middle of the ocean? No, but wait, why is there a humungous camel swaying in the distance? Its two humps, shining as the embroidery of its saddle reflected the sun. Thinking of the date wine and candied fruit made him weak at the knees. He started thinking about the exotic women belly dancing, the curves of grand castles and jagged lines of the relaxing palm trees. All of this felt familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time.It was everything he imagined and day dreamed the earthy, cultural desert to look like .He couldn’t wait to reach the shore.

On his arrival to the city he fell in love with it. He spent several months exploring it and stories of the desert which lied on the other end fascinated him. Over time he met a beautiful woman and fell in love with Kriyola but his longing to join a caravan on their adventure through the other side of the city, the desert put an end to their romantic fling. The desert didn’t do too well with visitors and no matter how hard she pleaded, he was adamant. He wanders off into the desert and lives the caravan culture, embracing each day in the oases of fresh water. But the sand storm takes away everything from him and once again he finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere. He walks and walks and loses the count of days and endless amount of mirages he had come across.

When he saw his ship in the far distance he dismissed it as a trick his mind was playing. But as the city sailed closer to him, he couldn’t believe his luck. The tall windjammer, chimneys and unfurled sails make him feel at home. The loud, aggressive brawls from the tavern, cranes and sky scrapers made him wonder as to which city he had stumbled upon this time. As the horn blew, he ran to be able to board it in time. The city felt strangely familiar.

This city built of angles overwhelmed him. He couldn’t wait to explore this new city, thinking to himself how funny it was that all his desires were always met in the form of a city, saving him every time. While wandering though the straight road he froze in his path. There was Kriyola buying flowers. He rubbed his eyes but she was still there.


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