The city and pieces- Adelma

Marco Polo, a relatively old man although still young at heart was filled with passion to travel the world. He visited many cities but consciously avoided Adelma. However, he was at Hypatia and going to Eusapia, but in his path lies Adelma, a city he wanted to evade, but couldn’t. He did have a valid reason to fear Adelma as no Adelmians ever came out of their city and anybody who entered Adelma was never heard of again. He wondered, was the city so exceptional that nobody wanted to leave or did the city swallow anybody who entered? A shiver ran down his spine as he thought of the latter.

As he set afoot on the shaky grounds of Adelma, every nerve in his body gave him negative signals about the city. He was amazed by the maze in front of him with innumerable twists and turns. The meandering streets branched out into smaller ones forming confusing patterns. Although surprisingly, there would be somebody at each turn trying to lead his path into misery.

The first person he encountered told him to take the right promising that path to give him the fatherly love that lacked all his love. He felt a stinging pain in his heart as he remembered his father’s funeral. Deep into grief, he wandered to the right where he was attacked by graves and dead rotten flowers. Reaching the end of that street, with difficulty, he met with another crossroad. A second man pleading him to help his daughter who tried to kill herself for the man she loves. He couldn’t resist helping the man and took the left however found nothing but deceit, reminding him of his wife’s luscious long hair. Now, every turn he took was with a heavy heart, not knowing what would accost him next. He left on this adventure to attach his broken pieces together but Adelma was feeding onto them.

He thought of going back to where he started instead of passing through the city because he knew by the time he crossed the city, there would be nothing left of him. However the maze like structure actually got him closer to the end. He feared the end of the maze, he feared the suspense of what happens when you reach the periphery of this city.

Failing at every attempt to escape, he found himself at the exit gate of the city. Having nothing left of him by the end of this journey, he realised that although he was leaving the city, he actually was entering another place. That place didn’t look like Eusapia or any other city. With no choice left, he continued walking. Was it hell or heaven?


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