Narrative on Cities and Travel – Esmeralda

Esmeralda is a city which is  built on water containing a web of cobbled streets and passages. The streets look huge and endless to my tiny feet as each path diverges into various other streets and passages. Not to mention the different turns that emerged out of nowhere while running on some street. All these routes look identical to each other and you have to take chances whenever you choose a path as any one of them can lead to the river flowing throughout the city.

There are only a few houses in sight with downward sloping red and brown roofs. Their huge balconies protruding out throw large shadows onto the streets giving shade from the burning sun. I can see some humans who I assume to be the residents of this city wearing light coloured clothes and straw hats. No one is looking down and paying attention to me which is strange as the sight of me makes them cringe.

A long time has passed since my arrival in Esmeralda but the sun shows no signs of setting and I need to feed my growling stomach. The next house that I shall come upon, I will search for something to eat. After a while I come across this huge white house and look up to see this giant door surrounded with potted plants. There is a pipe on the back wall of the house and i scramble inside it to find a way in the house. I start climbing up and finally come upon the ending of the pipe which opens up into the living room containing a huge sofa. I sniff around for food, being careful that the owner does not see me. I find my way to the kitchen where I find a piece of cheese and bread kept on the large brown coloured dining table. I nibble on the bread as quickly as I can with my tiny teeth and then I grabbed the piece of cheese and run out the way I came back in.  The sun is still shining bright outside and a thought suddenly crosses my mind that maybe the sun never sets in Esmeralda.

Running through the streets I finish eating the piece of cheese and wonder to find the way out of the city. Suddenly a hole appears on the path I was running and I fall through it into the darkness. This is the time of confusion and I can’t understand what is happening. There is no light and all I could here were the sounds of moaning and groaning. The ground beneath my hands and feet feels rough and course. My nose is up in the air trying to sniff out the danger but all I could smell was the foul smell of sewage and wastage coming from nearby. I try to dodge that while running to find my way out. There is fear clogging in my throat and I know that there’s some danger in this place. Maybe there are some big animals for which I can become a food too. I could see human hands or feet or the scary eyes of a human face wherever light managed to pass through the darkness. High up into what I imagined was the ceiling I could see the holes but I could never find a something to climb up to it. I was afraid of being stuck here forever. After a while I got tired of running and my energy was running out. I chose a spot where there was a speck of light coming onto the ground. My eye lids were drooping shut and I thought that sleep was finally blessing me with its power of making the reality disappear for a while. I had a dream that I was up again in the sunlight and a giant bird flew down to pick me up gently and take me away to a place far away.



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