Eutropia, Tunnel Narrative

As his imprints of the feet in the sand fades away with the wind, he experiences a change in his body. Always packing his bag, filling it with memories and excited to move from one city to another, he always loses its bag on its way. He lives in a city called Eutropia which demands them to travel when they feel the grip of weariness after a certain period of time and start their life from the beginning. Whether you are on the top of the rolling plateau or the bottom, you will never have the same life, you will have a different wife, job as well as friends.

When he had entered the city, he built his house right next to the statue of Mercury, god of fickle and there, a beautiful girl with brown hair flying as if it was trying to reach out to him. As he went closer to her, her cheeks reached her eyes and when he asked her name, eyebrows came together, cheeks went back to their position and she looked confused. As he moved from the city on the top to the lower one by just walking down few stairs which was waiting new and empty for them, his life changed. What he experienced in the previous city didn’t belong to him anymore.

He started arranging his house next to the stream and right next to his was the house of a beautiful lady with brown hair tied in a bun and a tired look on her face who was cleaning the window and brick walls. As soon as he sees her, he was sure that this was the lady he wanted to spend his entire life with and as he approaches her, her face lightens up but when he asks her, “have you just shifted here? Do you need help?” her face becomes small as if there was some hope that was lost again. She acted as if she knew him all his life but he failed to recognise her everytime they met.

It was Alzheimer that separated him from reality and he thought he was moving from one place to another because of which everytime he was having a fresh beginning but it was memory that he was losing which gave him a new start and made him think that. He didn’t realise that the ladies he met in every city and fell in love with them was the same lady all the time and in real life was his wife but since he was losing his memory he thought all the ladies were different. He couldn’t recognise his own wife and she was breaking from inside and everytime he lost his memory, he proposed to her again and again as if he was proposing to a new lady. Everytime when he asks his wife her name, her heart skips a beat and looses hope with it and as soon as he forgets those memories that they used to cherish, life makes no sense to her. He couldn’t distinguish between his mind and reality, whatever that happened in reality, he linked it to the city he made up in his mind so that everything in his life would make sense to him.


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