As i wander about in a negaitive space somewhere between heaven and hell i arrive at Argia. It was dry and airless clay packed the room to the ceiling ,the streets were filled with dirt. The city was cold and dark shadows walked through me . I felt an emptiness in me. There seemed to be no hope for dawn, yet there seemed to be a hope for escape.

I am a wandering soul. I was not welcomed in heaven for my sins and i was not welcome in hell either because i did not have enough sins. So where does a homless soul go? we either wander through negative spaces and parallel dimensions or we get a second chance by the supreme soul to pay for our sins in Argia and go to heaven.

From above, nothing of Argia can be seen. The place is deserted. I could hear screams sometimes and voices filled with pain and regret. I felt vulnerable,scared but i had no choice it was do or die. I was amongst various souls but still felt i was in exile. We were given fire for lunch and atoms of negativity for dinner.

We had to maintain determination and strive for survival to get to heaven. Everyday i would walk to an intersection where there was a dim light to find peace as no one would come there. But today i saw something unusual, i saw another soul hovering over my spot. There arent any friendly souls in Argia. I was hesitant to make conversation.

He said to me in a deep voice escape is inevitable, and we never spoke a word again. He was puny and meek in form but had more courage then all the souls combined in Argia. They beat us in hope for death everyday but did not let us die, the forsekeness started to grow on me but what that soul had said to me left a stong impact on my mind and so i never gave up.I atoned to my sins by baring the agony , finishing my chores and continued to eat fire and atoms of negativity without creating any in my mind.

The supreme soul seemed to impressed with my determination and decided to ask me a final question before i left Argia. Ss asked- what gave you the courage to stick around child? I said- well someone told me escape was inevitable and from that day on i decided my path. Ss- so it seems you made a friend,he smiled. Me- i wouldnt exactly call him a friend sir,more like colleague i added to the humor. Atlast i was set free and as i walked from Argia to a path of light i see the puny soul again, i said to him- i thought you were gone. He- i still havnt atoned to all my sins. Me- i wish you luck my friend i hope you get out someday. The soul smiled and said- i told you my friend escape is inevitable, i will get out someday. I smiled back and left i knew he would get a second chance afterall like i said he had more courage then all the souls combined in Argia and he was the only good memory i would have of it. He was Argia to me.


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